As well as our amazing listings section and information from local businesses, Tots About prides itself on including interesting, useful and relevant articles to help parents/carers & parents to be with many of the issues they face when looking after young children or preparing for pregnancy & birth.

Here you will find a selection of our favourites and you can find more in our online magazines on our Issuu page.

New Women’s Wellbeing Centre Launched  

New Women’s Wellbeing Centre Launched  Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, a new wellbeing centre dedicated to women’s health has opened in Penzance, providing a unique and precious resource for West Cornwall. Garbo House offers a programme of progressive, holistic support … Click here to read more

Louise McLeod Photography

Louise McLeod Photography has recently opened a new studio in Truro specialising in baby and child portraiture.  This lovely space is cosy and comfortable with beautiful natural light and views over the cathedral.  Louise McLeod has been a professional photographer … Click here to read more

Truro Breast Friends

Truro Breast Friends: Supporting You on Your Breastfeeding Journey Choosing to breastfeed your baby can be both rewarding and challenging. It’s good to know that there are groups across the county who can support you throughout your breastfeeding journey. Truro … Click here to read more

Elemental Mamas

Boost Your Well Being With Ante & Post Natal Fitness Being a new mum is an amazing but challenging time of your life; ante & post natal fitness classes are the ideal opportunity for you to focus on your well-being. … Click here to read more

Porthleven Food Festival

Porthleven Food Festival: A 3-day feast of food, music and fun. Friday 26 – Sunday 28th April 2019 Porthleven Food Festival is an annual celebration of food and drink with lots of music and family fun.There’s no entrance fee and the … Click here to read more

Christmas & Winter Events 2018

From Ice Skating at Eden to Fingerprint Bauble Painting, we’ve found out the best activities for under 5s in your area. We’ll keep updating the list as more activities and dates are published by organisers. And if you’re organising something … Click here to read more

Devon & Cornwall Documentary Series

Leeds based TV company, True North Productions, are on the lookout for interesting and passionate locals who live in Devon and Cornwall for a brand new More4 series. The series follows the success of ‘The Yorkshire Dales & The Lakes’. The … Click here to read more

St Ives Food & Drink Festival

St Ives Food & Drink Festival: Top ways for the whole family to enjoy the weekend Keep the whole family happy with a weekend of top entertainment and activities at this year’s St Ives Food and Drink Festival. Here are … Click here to read more

Breastfriends Hayle

Being a new parent is amazing but it’s also one of the hardest times of our lives: it can feel very isolating and mothers tend to have very high expectations of themselves. Breastfriends is a lovely place to come and … Click here to read more

Swim Academy for Babies

Swim Academy for Babies: Enable your baby to swim happily, safely and confidently from an early age. Sarah Burnett, the owner of Swim Academy for Babies, grew up around water and has always been passionate about swimming. When her eldest … Click here to read more

First Aid Facts – Asthma

Each year at the start of the Autumn term, there is a big rise in the number of children rushed to hospital with their Asthma. Cornwall Resus are on hand to provide some advice and top tips. Spot the signs … Click here to read more

Listening is hard to do

I specialise in children aged 2 to 12, and one of the most important things I try to convey to parents is the need to listen to your child. If you have a child who keeps having temper tantrums, you … Click here to read more

Cornwall Birth & Baby Appeal

You may have heard the exciting news that the Royal Cornwall Hospital is getting an upgrade of its maternity facilities! My name is Lizzie, I’m one of the midwives and am here to tell you all about it. The main … Click here to read more

First Aid Facts – Heat Stroke

Heat exhaustion and heatstroke are two potentially serious conditions that can occur if babies and children get too hot. Heat exhaustion: child becomes very hot and start to lose water or salt from their body, which leads to the symptoms … Click here to read more

First Aid Facts – Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is the greasy, yellow scaly patches that sometimes appear on the scalps of young babies. It’s a common harmless condition that doesn’t usually itch or cause discomfort to the baby. If your baby is scratching their head or … Click here to read more

Toddler Friendly Walks

When you have small children it is great to get out and about. The benefits of walking with your baby or toddler include: 1. Being free! 2. It gets you out the house. 3. It enables you to be in … Click here to read more

Pregnancy Nutrition

Are you bombarded with advice on what to eat and what to avoid? Undoubtedly, pregnancy is a good time to think about what you are eating. However the range of opinions and advice can be bewildering.  Raw and undercooked meat … Click here to read more

First Aid Facts – Anaphylaxis

Babies and children can develop allergies at any time, allergies can be managed with the help of your GP. Anaphylaxis is a SEVERE allergic reaction- Cornwall Resus offer advice on how to deal with this emergency situation. Babies and children … Click here to read more

Getting out with multiples

Being a mum of multiples (one year old twins) and a toddler means that getting out and about can be tricky and occasionally exhausting.  There are days when it takes well over an hour just to get all three bottoms … Click here to read more

Getting your fitness back

Getting back in shape after having a baby is a big concern for many new mums, however knowing where to start can be a challenge. The fitness regime that may or may not have preceded pre- pregnancy probably feels like … Click here to read more

Finding yourself again

Having a baby is usually expected to be a joyful experience, so it can come as a shock if you don’t feel that way. Difficulties with low mood are more common than most people realise:  about one in ten new … Click here to read more

First Aid Facts – Meningitis

Meningitis is an infection of the protective membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord (meninges). It can affect anyone, but is most common in babies, young children, teenagers and young adults. Meningitis can be very serious if not treated … Click here to read more

First Aid Facts – Sun Safety

With the warmer weather already here; Cornwall Resus- pediatric first aid trainers are on hand to offer advice on sun safety for little ones. Tips to keep your child safe in the sun… Babies and children need to have their … Click here to read more

Party Planning

Children’s parties can be an amazing time for making memories for yourself and your little ones. So here’s our top tips for keeping it stress-free and fun for everyone: Involve your child in the planning – follow their lead in … Click here to read more

Baby Signing

What is baby signing and how does it work? Baby signing is a technique of using sign language to help hearing babies communicate better, before they can talk. Some people think speech development can slow down if you teach your … Click here to read more

Optimal Cord Clamping

Optimal Cord Clamping  The Best Gift You Can Give Your Baby ( There has been a lot of news coverage on ‘Delayed Cord Clamping’ recently and you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. As a midwife, umbilical … Click here to read more

Tried & Tested: Best Beaches

We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place in the world. The following beaches have been recommended to us by mums with little one’s. Some stunning beaches have been missed off the list due to distance to … Click here to read more

Face 2 Face

Face 2 Face is a national scheme run by Scope and offers emotional support and practical guidance, to parents with disabled children in their area. The support can be tailored to people’s needs, and includes drop in Oasis groups, home … Click here to read more

Real Baby Milk

Tots About spoke to Mary Gosling, Project Manager from Real Baby Milk, Cornwall Real Baby Milk is a project under Pollenn Community Interest Company (CIC). Our aims are to empower families with fantastic, evidence based information and support, protect, promote and … Click here to read more

Physiotherapy for you, your bump and baby

Moving through your trimesters your body changes in many different ways to prepare for your baby’s arrival. As physiotherapists are highly qualified in all aspects of women’s health, we understand these changes and are passionate about helping you to have … Click here to read more

Good Pub Guide

Beer gardens, play areas and children’s menus…three essential ingredients for a relaxing experience in the pub with little ones! Claire at have found  several pubs in  West Cornwall with play areas, read on to find out where they are! The … Click here to read more

First Aid Facts – Febrile Seizures

Febrile seizures can be incredibly frightening for a parent to witness. However, they are common in babies and children and often not serious. Cornwall Resus offer some expert advice and talk you through some first aid tips. What is a … Click here to read more

What about a Doula?

Hello readers! I’m Evony Lynch, freelance midwife and Chief Tea-Drinker at MamaCafe. Have you heard of doulas? Perhaps you know someone who had a doula. A doula is a an experienced woman who offers emotional and practical support to a … Click here to read more

Tips for Starting School

Compiled by parents, teachers and professional organisations, helping you prepare for what is a milestone in both their life and yours: In the preceding weeks Talk to your child about school so they know what to expect. Include stories from … Click here to read more

Gone crabbing!

My boys are mad for crabbing and they started their competition with each other in April. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just grab bacon or sardines, a line and a bucket plus net if you want to out craft … Click here to read more

Putting play on the map

Spring is in the air and it’s a great time of year to get outside! And it’s never been easier to find great places to play, thanks to the new playground-finder website After struggling to find play areas after … Click here to read more

Top 10 tips for choosing childcare

There comes a time after having a baby that many of us need to think about returning to work to pay the bills.  There are many different childcare options available and although daunting at first, these top ten tips from … Click here to read more

Feeding your baby

Hello readers! I’m Evony, midwife, doula and Chief Tea-Drinker at MamaCafe. Sometime during pregnancy you may start to think about how you’re going to feed your baby when they’re born. For some mums the decision is easy and was probably … Click here to read more

Encouraging your tots to try new food

Did you know that an infant has around 30,000 taste buds in their mouths, compared to an adult who has about 10,000? Therefore, a child’s eating experience is incredibly sensory. These taste buds are constantly developing and changing with age. … Click here to read more


Hello again from MamaCafe! Being a mum to a little baby is supposed to be a wonderful time when you watch your new baby grow and develop before your eyes. But in reality you’re often walking around in a sleep … Click here to read more

Eye health

As an orthoptist, I am a specialist in testing the vision of very young children and babies, providing a lead role in the primary screening of children aged 4-5yrs, and in the identification, measurement and treatment of squint (“wandering eye”) … Click here to read more

Cornwall Healthy Weight

Cornwall Healthy Weight has been running since April 2012. We pride ourselves on running professional, fun, friendly and educational programmes for people all over Cornwall. We are part of Cornwall Health Promotion Service, offering support for both individuals and groups. … Click here to read more

Be Streetwise

Very young children need to learn about traffic and understand that it can be dangerous. Research shows that young children can’t judge how fast vehicles are going or how far away they are. Talking about traffic with your child when … Click here to read more

Baking your bun

Hello readers! I’m Evony Lynch, freelance midwife and Chief Tea-Drinker at MamaCafe. You would expect your ‘bun in the oven’ to be cooked after nine months wouldn’t you? However did you know that your little bun probably needs a few … Click here to read more

On your bike!

Tots About have been talking to Porthleven Cycle Hire. As a local why not hang up the car keys and explore a little by bike? Cycling has never been more popular and you will definitely experience your surroundings at a … Click here to read more

Osteopathy for newborns and older babies

Your birth story is unique. Subtle events within the processes of labour shape your birth experience. Whether joyful or fraught, recounting the birth story can be a profoundly healing experience while communicating the subtle shifts in the labouring process that … Click here to read more

Tots Feet

One of the big milestones we all look forward to as parents is our little one starting to learn to walk.  However before you rush out for those first shoes it is worth taking the time to consider what is … Click here to read more

Toddlers: The tears and the tantrums

Toddlers strive to be independent but they can also find it frustrating; demonstrating determined independence to helplessness or refusal! They want to please but also test the limit, and feel a sense of power to match their emerging independence.  Who’s … Click here to read more

Osteopathy and Birth

Gentle touch of an Osteopath can be of tremendous comfort, in preparing for, during and after birth. My own wonderful adventure as an Osteopath began 23 years ago, at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London, providing Osteopathy for mums … Click here to read more

What’s in a Hospital Bag?

Hello readers! I’m Evony Lynch, freelance midwife and Chief Tea-Drinker at MamaCafe. If you’re pregnant at the moment, have you packed your birth bag yet? Whether you’re planning to have your baby at home, hospital or birth centre it’s a … Click here to read more

4 Steps to Happy Healthy Smiles

Tooth decay can have a surprisingly profound effect on your child’s development, and can quickly snowball at an alarming rate. Pain and discomfort effects eating and sleeping patterns, which in turn can affect nutrition, healthy growth and healthy weight gain. … Click here to read more

Osteopathy & Cranial Osteopathy

Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy can be helpful in understanding why a couple may be experiencing difficulty in achieving conception. Couples discuss their concerns in depth which gives the Osteopath time to explore their health from an Osteopathic perspective, along with … Click here to read more

Birth Options in Cornwall

Hello readers! I’m Evony Lynch, freelance midwife in Cornwall and Chief Tea-Drinker at MamaCafe.  I am supporting the Tots About Magazine, covering pregnancy to 5 and will be writing regular articles on pregnancy topics. Over 4000 babies are born in … Click here to read more

Active Autumn Fun

Playing outdoors is very important for children, not only to help them stay active and healthy but also to create those treasured childhood memories. We need to encourage an adventurous spirit and create imaginative and safe opportunities for them to … Click here to read more

Mums in Business

Want to start a business? Starting a business is tough for anyone but with a young family, making that decision is even harder.  Before you start there are some important points to consider; Your business idea Your idea may be … Click here to read more

healthy eating for under 5’s

Being overweight is bad for your child’s health now and in the future and can lead to a risk of a range of health problems including high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. However, you can do a lot to … Click here to read more

Swimming for little tiddlers

Every parent has a view on swimming lessons. So where does the truth lie? What’s the best age to learn to swim? How should they learn? And how do you find the best lessons? “As long as they feel safe, … Click here to read more

Staying safe on the beach

Having toddlers on a beach, especially in the peak season when they are crowded, can be very challenging. Families with young children are recommended to choose a lifeguarded beach and swim between the red and yellow flags, where the lifeguards … Click here to read more

The benefits of post natal-exercise

Weight loss Restored muscle strength and tone to correct or regain good posture, balance and co-ordination Restored/improved pelvic floor and abdominal muscles to reduce the risk of stress incontinence. Develop good technique with day to day activities, essential to back … Click here to read more

Fun for tots in the garden

✿    Make decorative animal/insect pebbles using pictures of your favourite garden animals to copy (e.g. ladybird). Weatherproof with PVA glue/varnish. ✿    Decorate plant pots or rocks for the rockery too! (try a wacky face) ✿    Go on a garden treasure … Click here to read more

Fitness for Under Fives

Did you know? According to NHS figures, nearly a quarter of children aged four and five are overweight or obese. Experts predict that by 2050 this could apply to 63% of children. The general message from the British Heart Foundation … Click here to read more