Top Tips to be a Great Birth Partner

In this issue I’m talking birth partners. Whether it’s your partner, husband, mum or friend, your birth partner is usually a vital part of your birth experience. Pass this on for them to read…

Their role is to be that strength and support during the most incredible moment in your life. They don’t have to be an expert; simple touch and loving words is perhaps all you need.

Helping to pack the birth bag or at least know what’s in there and where is a good start. They don’t want to be scrabbling around for that flannel at 2am. Get them to read and understand your birth plan. In the middle of those waves of contractions they will be the one passing on your wishes. They don’t have to be an expert, just understand what choices you want to make about your care, or pain relief. A good birth partner needs to take care of themselves too. Get them to pack a bag with nourishing treats and a flask of coffee.

What can a birth partner do?

  • Go for a walk together. Great for early labour.
  • Simple massage to aid relaxation can be shown by the midwife.
  • Offering sips of water and mopping your brow. A cool wet flannel can feel gorgeous.
  • Help maintain steady breathing by breathing with you.
  • Give skin to skin to your baby if you are unable to.

If you can get to an antenatal class together they may feel a little more prepared for the experience of a lifetime.

Happy Birthing!

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