Swimming for little tiddlers

Every parent has a view on swimming lessons.

So where does the truth lie?
What’s the best age to learn to swim? How should they learn?
And how do you find the best lessons?

“As long as they feel safe, babies are comfortable in the water almost from the minute they are born,” explains Jon Glenn, head of children and young people at the ASA, the National Governing body for swimming. “Don’t forget they are swimming in fluid in the womb for nine months.”

6 months olds is normally the time when most parents will consider taking their baby to swimming lessons. Babies/toddlers learn core aquatic skills including buoyancy, balance, streamlining and how to travel. Stick with it and by the time they are toddlers, they may well be able to swim without buoyancy aids in these sessions.

If you don’t want to wait until your baby is six months old, you can start earlier. Water Babies, for example, has taught babies from as young as two days old, although normally they start at around six weeks.

Swimming from birth is excellent for babies’ development, providing a complete physical workout which in turn aids the development of the brain.  What’s more, regular swimming can enhance their awareness and improve eating and sleeping patterns – a definite bonus!  Living in Cornwall adds the extra motive to learn to swim too.

Water Babies have started lessons in St Ives.
For more information call 01752 605627
email bubbasurf@waterbabies.co.uk or visit www.waterbabies.co.uk .

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