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Being a mum to a little baby is supposed to be a wonderful time when you watch your new baby grow and develop before your eyes. But in reality you’re often walking around in a sleep deprived haze hardly able to string a sentence together!

What can you do?

  • Tiny babies want to be cuddled and close to you – it’s their survival instinct. Don’t feel you have to get them into a routine from day 1! Lots of love and skin to skin with help them get used to the world around them and soon they will settle in their cot or moses basket.
  • Solely breastfed babies can safely bed share with you. It can make breastfeeding a little easier. Just follow the safe bed sharing rules such as separate cover for baby, and avoid if smoking, drinking or taking strong medication.
  • Have you started a bedtime routine? A warm gentle bath time followed by a gentle massage then a quiet night time routine helps tell your baby its sleep time now. This routine may help them drift off to sleep easier, and help them stay asleep for longer too. Plus it becomes a special bonding time for you and your baby.
  • ‘Womb’ music or white noise sounds may help in the early days then lullabies and soothing sounds as they get older.
  • Leave one of your T-shirts near them as a familiar scent – they know you’re never far away.
  • Talk to your health visitor. If you’re feeling really stressed by your little one’s sleep habits then they may be able to suggest some different ways to cope and improve things.

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