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Tots About spoke to Mary Gosling, Project Manager from Real Baby Milk, Cornwall Real Baby Milk is a project under Pollenn Community Interest Company (CIC).

Our aims are to empower families with fantastic, evidence based information and support, protect, promote and support breastfeeding.

We do this by Training & supporting breastfeeding peer supporters in local communities and producing information and resources for families, peer supporters, health professionals, children centres and businesses.

In Cornwall, Real Baby Milk has been commissioned to ensure that the quality of support and information provided by Peer Supporters in various settings is at its absolute best. In part, this will be achieved through the regular updating of volunteers skills and knowledge through training and ensuring that professional development is valued, encouraged and supported.

So a mum looking for support with breastfeeding, maximising breastmilk or giving or expressing breastmilk, should receive support from a Peer Supporter, who is a mum who has breastfed and /or provided breastmilk for her child. This Peer Supporter will have had a positive and successful personal breastfeeding experience and will have undertaken a Peer Support training course.

Peer Supporters are friendly and welcoming and always looking out for a Mum with no one to talk to. She is there for mothers and listens, empathises with, supports and empowers mothers.

She acts as a source of good, up to date information about breastfeeding and related issues, and has access to resources, such as books, leaflets and DVDs, to share with mothers and helps them talk through their choices, then supports them in whatever choice they decide to make.

A Peer Supporter enables mums to have a positive breastfeeding experience, no matter how long or short.

A Peer Supporter knows her boundaries, not giving advice, and referring on to an appropriate practitioner as necessary.

NATIONAL BREASTFEEDING HELPLINE 0300 100 0212 Available 9:30am – 9:30pm everyday

The Real Baby Milk website and you will also find the Essential Guide to Caring and feeding you baby web version on the website   01872 260429


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