Mums in Business

Want to start a business?
Starting a business is tough for anyone but with a young family, making that decision is even harder.  Before you start there are some important points to consider;

Your business idea
Your idea may be a passion or something you are good at but you need to research your market and make sure there is a need for your product. Don’t over rely on feedback from friends and family.

Have a plan
The most successful businesses have a clear idea of where they are heading. Consider why you want to set up in business; is it to make more money, to have greater flexibility to be with your family or to follow a dream? Make sure you set realistic targets and consider how you will achieve them.

Get Advice
Don’t just focus on sales and marketing. You need to consider the tax and legal implications or you could end up with financial penalties. Many accountants and solicitors will spend an hour with you free of charge to make sure you start off on the right foot.

Get Customers
To run a successful business you need customers and like it or not you will need to become a successful sales person. Make time every day for selling and marketing activities and speak to other successful business people for tips and advice to get new customers.

Don’t underestimate how difficult it will be to run your own business but make sure you remember why you are doing it and good luck.

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