Getting out with multiples

Being a mum of multiples (one year old twins) and a toddler means that getting out and about can be tricky and occasionally exhausting.  There are days when it takes well over an hour just to get all three bottoms clean, bags packed, tantrums resolved and me dressed.  But is it all worth it?  Without a doubt yes, and for so many reasons; my children thrive on the stimulation that different environments provide and they sleep better when they’ve been kept busy.  I feel a sense of achievement and often breathe a sigh of relief at not being ‘stuck indoors’.  Socialising with other parents gives me much needed support and reinvigorates me and it does the same for my little ones – being around other children is vital for their social development skills too.

I find that the secret to making it out for us is to keep it simple.  Our routine is similar each week as it is important for me to know that the places where we go are safe, easy to access and will have a few familiar faces who can help out
when it is needed.

Local playgroups are fantastic for this as they are affordable, can usually be accessed on a drop-in basis and are great for all weathers.  I also take my little ones to one class a week and we regularly make use of our beautiful local surrounds
for walks and outdoor
Life might not be daring or ground-breaking, but there’s time for that in the future.  For now, keeping it simple and getting out each day is reward enough for us all.

Anna Ireland from Truro Stay and Play Cafe

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