Fun for tots in the garden

✿    Make decorative animal/insect pebbles using pictures of your favourite garden animals to copy (e.g. ladybird). Weatherproof with PVA glue/varnish.

✿    Decorate plant pots or rocks for the rockery too! (try a wacky face)

✿    Go on a garden treasure hunt, looking for items on a list created by mum or dad, e.g. leaves with 3/4/5 points, a yellow flower, a diamond shape etc. or print off treasure hunt sheet from RHS website

✿    If you have a pond, look for frog spawn

✿    Hide the pegs, and let them find them as treasure

✿    Sow vegetable seeds like carrots, radishes, peas & lettuce; sweetly scented sweet peas & colourful Nasturtiums in your own bed/plot in the garden.

✿    Sow herb seeds in small yoghurt pots and cover with a clear bag or cling film until they germinate. Position the pots in a light, warm place and water them regularly

✿    Grow cress eggmen in half an egg shell. Place a wad of cotton wool/kitchen towel in the half shell, put it in an egg cup & draw a face on (without hair). Saturate the wool/towel with tepid  water and sprinkle on cress seeds. Keep it moist, watering every day & watch it grow hair!

Article by Nursery & Garden Centre Owner Graham Jeffery

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