First Aid Facts – Fever & Temperatures

Babies and Children often suffer with high temperatures, which can cause parents concern and children discomfort. It can also be a sign of serious illness so acting fast and escalating your concern is vital.

Cornwall Resus talk you through the do’s and don’ts and offer some expert advice:

1. Try not to over or under dress your baby, generally young babies require 2 additional layers of clothing to adults. (i.e. a vest and a blanket extra to normal day clothes)

2. Never put your baby to bed in their day clothes, they can be too restrictive and easily overheat.

3. Always check their tummy or back when assessing if they are hot. This is a better indicator of core temperature.

4. Blue or cold hands and feet don’t always mean your baby /child is cold- it can often be a sign their temperature is rising so always check  with a thermometer.

5. Tympanic (ear) thermometers are not reliable in under one year olds.  They can also be expensive. A simple under arm digital thermometer is reliable and cheap.

6. Normal temperature is 36-37 degrees Celsius, anything persistantly above or below this needs to be monitored. Normal temperature varies in different age groups, it is always best to seek medical attention if you are worried.

7. Tepid sponging is NOT recommended , reduce clothing and allow your baby or child to cool down naturally.

8. Give regular fluids. Breast milk if the baby is breast fed.

9. Give a child’s dose (if old enough) of either Paracetamol or Ibuprofen for discomfort or distress but not for the sole reason of reducing the temperature.

10. Monitor for signs of dehydration: sunken fontenelle, sunken eyes, dry mouth or a reduced amount of urine output.

11. Seek further help if your baby / child develops a rash, appears less well, the temperature lasts more than 5 days, or they have a decreased fluid intake.

MOST IMPORTANTLY  seek medical help if you are worried, parents have a natural instinct when their child is ill, don’t be afraid to act on it!

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