First Aid Facts – Cuts and Grazes

Minor Cuts and Grazes happen to most children at some stage, especially when they start to toddle about.

Cornwall Resus are on hand to offer some expert advice on what to do if your child sustains a minor or more serious injury.

  • Apply pressure to the bleeding area with a sterile or clean dressing- it is tempting to grab anything in an emergency but it is important not to introduce bugs to a wound so having a well-stocked first aid kit to hand is very useful when you have small children.
    If the injury bleeds through the initial dressing – without removing the first apply a second dressing over the wound.
  • If the injury bleeds through the second dressing- remove both dressings and check you are applying pressure in the right area. Then apply a clean new dressing.
  • If the injury bleeds through this dressing – seek urgent medical attention. Maintain pressure on the bleeding either by holding the dressing in place or by securing a bandage that is firm enough to maintain pressure but not so tight that it impairs circulation.
  • Elevate the limb where the injury has occurred.
  • If the bleeding has stopped and a cut or graze appears dirty. Clean gently with cool boiled water or sterile water.
  • Wipe away from the wound and use a clean swab or dressing each time. Pat dry and apply a sterile wound dressing or plaster.
  • If there is an embedded object in the wound like glass or wood, do not attempt to remove it. Apply pressure to either side of the object and seek urgent medical attention.
  • If a wound becomes red, swollen, smelly or has any discharge from it- it may be infected. Seek medical attention for your child.

Cornwall Resus are experts in Baby & Child First Aid and Life Saving training.
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