First Aid Facts – Burns and Scalds

Burns and Scalds are among the most serious and painful of Injuries. Cornwall Resus offer some expert advice and talk you through some Do’s and Don’ts.

Children under 5 years of age may be at greater risk from the effects of Burns and Scalds so always seek medical attention.


  • Ensure the area is safe, turn off the heat source.
  • Hold the burned area under RUNNING cold water for a minimum of 10 minutes. This cools the actual burn not just the skin.
  • For chemical burns (i.e. acid, bleach) cool for 20-30 minutes under running cold water.
  • Remove watches or jewellery from around the affected area.
  • Cover with sterile dressing (non fluffy) use cling film if you don’t have a suitable dressing. Don’t over wrap, a loose covering is fine.
  • Sit your child down or on your lap.
  • Keep the rest of their body warm with a blanket if necessary.
  • Stay with your child and seek urgent medical attention or call 999 if necessary.


  • Never apply any sort or cream, ointment or fat to the burn.
  • Do not burst any blisters that form – this can lead to serious infection.
  • Do not use adhesive dressings.
  • Never attempt to remove anything that is stuck to the affected area (i.e. clothing)
  • Do not under estimate how long 10 minutes is! Try and time it if you can to ensure effective treatment.

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