First Aid Facts – Bronchiolitis- More than just a cold

Bronchiolitis is a common lung infection that affects babies and young children. It is caused by inflammation of the small airways (the Bronchioles) in the lungs and in the UK usually occurs in the winter months.  One in three babies will have the condition before their first birthday.

Cornwall Resus are on hand to offer some expert advice on what to do if your baby is showing signs of having more than a cold.

For most children, Bronchiolitis is no more serious than a cold but spotting the signs that your child has a more serious infection is crucial, as some may need hospital attention.

Symptoms are likely to get slightly worse during the first three days, and then gradually start to improve.  Most cases of Bronchiolitis are not serious, but it is important to regularly monitor your child and look out for any significant changes or no signs of improvement.

Cornwall Resus always recommend that you seek medical attention if you are worried about your baby or child; however, if you are unsure what to look out for the following symptoms usually indicate a more severe case of Bronchiolitis:

  • Fast breathing- shallow, quick breaths not taking in much air
  • Appetite- inability to feed
  • Cough- distinctive rasping
  • Temperature- high temperature will usually accompany cold-like symptoms of a runny nose
  • If your baby exhibits all of these symptoms, seek medical attention from a healthcare professional.
  • In a small number of severe cases, your baby’s tongue and lips may turn ‘blue’ in colour. If this happens, take your baby to A&E or call for an ambulance immediately

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