Feeding your baby

Hello readers! I’m Evony, midwife, doula and Chief Tea-Drinker at MamaCafe.

Sometime during pregnancy you may start to think about how you’re going to feed your baby when they’re born. For some mums the decision is easy and was probably made long before they got pregnant. For others it might be a bit trickier.

Well-meaning family and friends can tell you their stories and experiences sometimes good and sometimes not so good. But ultimately it’s up to you to decide what feels right. Your midwife will give you a booklet with your notes all about feeding your new baby.

If you choose to breastfeed it’s a good idea to find out how it all works; what makes it easier and what makes it harder. Having an understanding of holding and attaching your baby can make a big difference. There are lots of free support groups run by breastfeeding mums, all over Cornwall, and they’re listed in the booklet. They love to meet you in pregnancy too so that you can start to get prepared.

If you choose to bottle-feed then instructions are included inside the booklet too. There are lots of different types of bottles, sterilisers and milk so it’s probably a good idea to check them out before your baby arrives.

Whatever you choose your baby will benefit from a gentle welcome and skin to skin time with mum and dad. It’s sooo good for all babies, helping to regulate their temperature, heartbeat and breathing.

Your decision doesn’t have to be set in stone and you can explore your options and change your mind too. Your midwife and health visitor are there to give you lots of support.

Want to know more about feeding? Check out our new ‘Feeding your New Baby Class’ on the Mamacafe website. That’s all for this time folks!

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