Baking your bun

Hello readers! I’m Evony Lynch, freelance midwife and Chief Tea-Drinker at MamaCafe.

You would expect your ‘bun in the oven’ to be cooked after nine months wouldn’t you? However did you know that your little bun probably needs a few more months baking time instead?

Your little baby is tucked up, warm and snug in sub-tropical temperatures inside you for around nine months. They are rocked and swayed with your every move, listening to the rhythmical drumming of your heart and the loud swooshing of your blood flowing around them, whilst feeling the comforting closeness of your womb. Suddenly this all changes as they get thrust into the bright lights of the world, laid flat on their backs, and expected to fit into our human lives. You can see how that might be a bit of a shock!

In order to reduce that shock some baby experts have suggested that after birth, replicating the womb like environment can help your baby to get accustomed to the world in a gentler way. As if it’s an extra trimester of pregnancy.

Short of popping them back in, how can you do this?

  • Sling wearing is an effective way to create that constant rocking and closeness felt before birth
  • Skin to skin time whenever they are unsettled helps bonding and enables them to be close to your heartbeat
  • Learning to safely swaddle can really help your baby feel secure in their bed, just as they felt those secure boundaries around them in your womb
  • Safely co sleeping for breastfeeding mums
  • Using white noise CD for babies can replicate the sounds inside your tummy
  • It’s hard work but we hope our tips help you with your new little bun!

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