Baby Signing

What is baby signing and how does it work? Baby signing is a technique of using sign language to help hearing babies communicate better, before they can talk. Some people think speech development can slow down if you teach your … Click here to read more

Gone crabbing!

My boys are mad for crabbing and they started their competition with each other in April. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just grab bacon or sardines, a line and a bucket plus net if you want to out craft … Click here to read more

Putting play on the map

Spring is in the air and it’s a great time of year to get outside! And it’s never been easier to find great places to play, thanks to the new playground-finder website After struggling to find play areas after … Click here to read more

On your bike!

Tots About have been talking to Porthleven Cycle Hire. As a local why not hang up the car keys and explore a little by bike? Cycling has never been more popular and you will definitely experience your surroundings at a … Click here to read more

Active Autumn Fun

Playing outdoors is very important for children, not only to help them stay active and healthy but also to create those treasured childhood memories. We need to encourage an adventurous spirit and create imaginative and safe opportunities for them to … Click here to read more

Fun for tots in the garden

✿    Make decorative animal/insect pebbles using pictures of your favourite garden animals to copy (e.g. ladybird). Weatherproof with PVA glue/varnish. ✿    Decorate plant pots or rocks for the rockery too! (try a wacky face) ✿    Go on a garden treasure … Click here to read more