New Baby

Louise McLeod Photography

Louise McLeod Photography has recently opened a new studio in Truro specialising in baby and child portraiture.  This lovely space is cosy and comfortable with beautiful natural light and views over the cathedral.  Louise McLeod has been a professional photographer … Click here to read more

Breastfriends Hayle

Being a new parent is amazing but it’s also one of the hardest times of our lives: it can feel very isolating and mothers tend to have very high expectations of themselves. Breastfriends is a lovely place to come and … Click here to read more

Cornwall Birth & Baby Appeal

You may have heard the exciting news that the Royal Cornwall Hospital is getting an upgrade of its maternity facilities! My name is Lizzie, I’m one of the midwives and am here to tell you all about it. The main … Click here to read more

Getting out with multiples

Being a mum of multiples (one year old twins) and a toddler means that getting out and about can be tricky and occasionally exhausting.  There are days when it takes well over an hour just to get all three bottoms … Click here to read more

Finding yourself again

Having a baby is usually expected to be a joyful experience, so it can come as a shock if you don’t feel that way. Difficulties with low mood are more common than most people realise:  about one in ten new … Click here to read more

Baby Signing

What is baby signing and how does it work? Baby signing is a technique of using sign language to help hearing babies communicate better, before they can talk. Some people think speech development can slow down if you teach your … Click here to read more

Real Baby Milk

Tots About spoke to Mary Gosling, Project Manager from Real Baby Milk, Cornwall Real Baby Milk is a project under Pollenn Community Interest Company (CIC). Our aims are to empower families with fantastic, evidence based information and support, protect, promote and … Click here to read more

Physiotherapy for you, your bump and baby

Moving through your trimesters your body changes in many different ways to prepare for your baby’s arrival. As physiotherapists are highly qualified in all aspects of women’s health, we understand these changes and are passionate about helping you to have … Click here to read more

Feeding your baby

Hello readers! I’m Evony, midwife, doula and Chief Tea-Drinker at MamaCafe. Sometime during pregnancy you may start to think about how you’re going to feed your baby when they’re born. For some mums the decision is easy and was probably … Click here to read more