Swim Academy for Babies

Swim Academy for Babies: Enable your baby to swim happily, safely and confidently from an early age. Sarah Burnett, the owner of Swim Academy for Babies, grew up around water and has always been passionate about swimming. When her eldest … Click here to read more

Toddler Friendly Walks

When you have small children it is great to get out and about. The benefits of walking with your baby or toddler include: 1. Being free! 2. It gets you out the house. 3. It enables you to be in … Click here to read more

Pregnancy Nutrition

Are you bombarded with advice on what to eat and what to avoid? Undoubtedly, pregnancy is a good time to think about what you are eating. However the range of opinions and advice can be bewildering.  Raw and undercooked meat … Click here to read more

Getting your fitness back

Getting back in shape after having a baby is a big concern for many new mums, however knowing where to start can be a challenge. The fitness regime that may or may not have preceded pre- pregnancy probably feels like … Click here to read more

Putting play on the map

Spring is in the air and it’s a great time of year to get outside! And it’s never been easier to find great places to play, thanks to the new playground-finder website After struggling to find play areas after … Click here to read more

On your bike!

Tots About have been talking to Porthleven Cycle Hire. As a local why not hang up the car keys and explore a little by bike? Cycling has never been more popular and you will definitely experience your surroundings at a … Click here to read more

Active Autumn Fun

Playing outdoors is very important for children, not only to help them stay active and healthy but also to create those treasured childhood memories. We need to encourage an adventurous spirit and create imaginative and safe opportunities for them to … Click here to read more

Swimming for little tiddlers

Every parent has a view on swimming lessons. So where does the truth lie? What’s the best age to learn to swim? How should they learn? And how do you find the best lessons? “As long as they feel safe, … Click here to read more

The benefits of post natal-exercise

Weight loss Restored muscle strength and tone to correct or regain good posture, balance and co-ordination Restored/improved pelvic floor and abdominal muscles to reduce the risk of stress incontinence. Develop good technique with day to day activities, essential to back … Click here to read more

Fitness for Under Fives

Did you know? According to NHS figures, nearly a quarter of children aged four and five are overweight or obese. Experts predict that by 2050 this could apply to 63% of children. The general message from the British Heart Foundation … Click here to read more