First Aid for Small Children

The fantastic team at Cornwall Resus are experts in Baby & Child First Aid and Life Saving training. They have been really kind in supplying these fact sheets for Tots About readers.

First Aid Facts – Asthma

Each year at the start of the Autumn term, there is a big rise in the number of children rushed to hospital with their Asthma. Cornwall Resus are on hand to provide some advice and top tips. Spot the signs … Click here to read more

First Aid Facts – Heat Stroke

Heat exhaustion and heatstroke are two potentially serious conditions that can occur if babies and children get too hot. Heat exhaustion: child becomes very hot and start to lose water or salt from their body, which leads to the symptoms … Click here to read more

First Aid Facts – Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is the greasy, yellow scaly patches that sometimes appear on the scalps of young babies. It’s a common harmless condition that doesn’t usually itch or cause discomfort to the baby. If your baby is scratching their head or … Click here to read more

First Aid Facts – Anaphylaxis

Babies and children can develop allergies at any time, allergies can be managed with the help of your GP. Anaphylaxis is a SEVERE allergic reaction- Cornwall Resus offer advice on how to deal with this emergency situation. Babies and children … Click here to read more

First Aid Facts – Meningitis

Meningitis is an infection of the protective membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord (meninges). It can affect anyone, but is most common in babies, young children, teenagers and young adults. Meningitis can be very serious if not treated … Click here to read more

First Aid Facts – Sun Safety

With the warmer weather already here; Cornwall Resus- pediatric first aid trainers are on hand to offer advice on sun safety for little ones. Tips to keep your child safe in the sun… Babies and children need to have their … Click here to read more

First Aid Facts – Febrile Seizures

Febrile seizures can be incredibly frightening for a parent to witness. However, they are common in babies and children and often not serious. Cornwall Resus offer some expert advice and talk you through some first aid tips. What is a … Click here to read more