Baby Signing

What is baby signing and how does it work? Baby signing is a technique of using sign language to help hearing babies communicate better, before they can talk. Some people think speech development can slow down if you teach your … Click here to read more

Tips for Starting School

Compiled by parents, teachers and professional organisations, helping you prepare for what is a milestone in both their life and yours: In the preceding weeks Talk to your child about school so they know what to expect. Include stories from … Click here to read more

Be Streetwise

Very young children need to learn about traffic and understand that it can be dangerous. Research shows that young children can’t judge how fast vehicles are going or how far away they are. Talking about traffic with your child when … Click here to read more

Staying safe on the beach

Having toddlers on a beach, especially in the peak season when they are crowded, can be very challenging. Families with young children are recommended to choose a lifeguarded beach and swim between the red and yellow flags, where the lifeguards … Click here to read more

Fun for tots in the garden

✿    Make decorative animal/insect pebbles using pictures of your favourite garden animals to copy (e.g. ladybird). Weatherproof with PVA glue/varnish. ✿    Decorate plant pots or rocks for the rockery too! (try a wacky face) ✿    Go on a garden treasure … Click here to read more